Animated stickers combine best of emoji and gifs

Flashback Sticker Attack! is a new animated sticker pack for iMessage. These fast-moving graphics have a bit of a retro feel, and cover everything from fake news to lo-fi style. Each sticker blinks brightly, and is imperfect for dragging over photos, text, emoji, and other stickers—instantly making your messages more fun and engaging. Use directly from your iMessage keyboard (iOS 10+) on iPhone or iPad.

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Flashback Sticker Attack! was created by Ryan Snelson, a User Experience Designer and Digital Artist based in Brooklyn, NY. The project was made to make messaging more fun and engaging, and was created in response to using emoji and gifs as reactions.

Flashback Sticker Attack! contains 63 original animated stickers (so far) and is available for $1.99 on the App Store for iMessage. Frequent updates mean you’ll get new stickers for free.

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